Wooden Fruit Boxes - Bushel Boxes Bushel Boxes
Direct from the Farm

 Bushel Boxes for Sale

these wooden boxes are now available for Shop window displays,
Hobby furniture,

for re-sale and more
Wooden Boxes - Bushel Boxes

The Farm
Wooden boxes are held at the farm just outside Maidstone - Kent

Wooden Boxes
For Collection Direct
from the Farm
The Farmer
No longer delivers these boxes
to London but will consider
other local deliveries.
Please ask for delivery costs
 2000 various wooden boxes are available from
£15 each
For further information
on Bushel Boxes
and contact details
Click the above banner

Boxes of English Apples also available

supplied either in the above bushel boxes
or cardboard boxes.

Wooden Boxes - Bushel Boxes
Make your own furniture

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